Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our new site!

Has everyone seen the new Loonie4scrapbooking website yet? We haven't had a lot of feedback but what we have had has been very positive.  We would love to know what you think, any changes you would like to see, things you like, etc. We are very pleased with the outcome of the site.  We hope you agree that the site is easier to navigate, and much more aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the added features this site provides is the opportunity to shop by manufacturer, to email a friend (by product) to shop using either the Canadian or US currency.  On the home page there is a section for featured products and one thing I personally appreciate is the ability to view the page in a number of different ways while viewing the catalog.  If you click on the View As: button while looking at a page of product you will have the option to view the page as a list, list without options, grid, or compact list.  Take a look and decide which format you prefer.   This is especially helpful for people with slower browsing speeds as you can choose to not view all the pictures.

The reason we changed websites is simple, we wanted to be a Canadian site that could accept Canadian dollars, and the other site was US based which lead to many complications accepting Canadian money.  So now we are completely Canadian but US user friendly also.  Whatever currency you place your order in is the currency you are charged upon checking out.

We owe a big thank you to Delta Decisions for designing the site, and would recommend them to anyone in need of website management.  http://www.deltadecisions.com/ We also thank Rosa Yorke for referring the company to us, we are very excited for the unveiling of your new site that is coming soon.  In the meantime we will read your blog and await its arrival  http://gabryroad.blogspot.com/

We hope you enjoy our new site!
 Happy scrapping!

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  1. Your new site is absolutely gorgeous Angie! We wish you all the best and remember, I am an email away if you have any questions at all but looks like you are on your way to scrappy greatness on your own! Congrats!