Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet "the Nut"...


I am the Scrapbooking Nut and I am also a friend of the Loon Scrapper.  I have been an avid photographer even before I bought my first SLR film Camera.  Scrapbooking came into my life a few years later as the natural complement to my photography hobby.  Now that I have a 2 year old boy and 4 month old girl, I have a LOT of pictures to scrap and take advantage of every opportunity I get to make beautiful layouts.  My husband is very understanding of my addiction and allowed me to put together my own room.  I love to share my knowledge and I often hold a get together or class for my fellow scrapbookers. 

I enjoy many different aspects of paper crafting including stamping, smashing, card making, paper piecing and just plain old scrapbooking.  I also have a terrible addiction to paper.  I hope to share my ideas with you and hopefully inspire you to create some wonderful masterpieces of your own. 

Have a great day!!

Scrapbooking Nut

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunshines scrappy weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I sure did. On Saturday my family and I went to Saunders Farm in Munster and had a blast. Turns out that the scary side of Halloween is still not a favorite of my boys. He doesn't like being scared. but he really enjoyed the wagon ride and the mazes and everything else, especially the giant bouncing pillow. If you live in the Ottawa area you should check it out.
Then on Sunday I was at a Birthday party for part of the day before attending  the monthly LOONIE4SCRAPBOOKING CROP and POT LUCK.  Woo Hoo!  If you were there, it was so nice to see you and if you weren't there I hope to see you next time. We have a fabulous group of girls of all ages and I totally love you all. Nice to see some new faces and of course the old ones as well. Instead of working like I was supposed to be doing one of my fellow scrappers ( a wonderful new friend) let me play with her GLIMMER MISTS.  Well this is becoming one of my new favorite things. I took my SIMPLY ORANGE SMASH book and I glimmer misted the plain pages with her different TATTERED ANGELS stencils. OMG, did I have a great time. Now I know you are thinking sounds cool I would love to see some pics........but I am not very computer savy yet and i haven't figured out how to do this yet. but as soon as i figure it out I will post pics so you can see my beautiful works of art. I am very impressed with myself.....if i do say so myself. lol   After some playing I was pulled back to work... if you can even call it work since I love my job at LOONIE4SCRAPBOOKING... and Loon Scrapper and Ii have started some planning for our next big venture in November. We have planned some AWESOME (and super cheap) scrapbooking kits. we have a SMASH BASKET ( of course we do since all I seem to talk about is SMASH products) and a starter kit for a beginner scrapper.... Perfect Christmas gifts. Perfect prices. More info to come for sure.
Now yesterday I made some more progress on my SMASH books. I smashed for 3 hours without even noticing....oops;)  I   played with some products that haven't really been selling so I can figure out why. Well turns out I have solved some issues.
SMASH CAPTIONS are awesome. they are $3 and i thought that's a lot of money for 20 mini number stickers and 22 mini little notes that come with it. Well they are not stickers they are BRADS....awesome that's why they are a little bit more money. I loved playing with them. Totally worth the money now that I  have figured out they are brads not stickers. Also I was playing with the candy cane striped paperclips with tags, love them to!. They are great to gather up a bunch of items and then add a flag and label it. Again once I figure out how to add pictures I will. i also have to take some pics lol. hmmmm what else did I play with? Oh ya, the man and the bird clips that sell for $1.99 and they are great to smash glue in your books.   They make good accents and cute clips to hold items like ticket stubs, pictures even business cards. Well i think I have babbled enough today. i think its time to sign out.
Sunshine Scrapper

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A SMASHing we will go.

Hey there Smashers and will be smashers,

I have started yet another SMASH book. this time i am doing a SIMPLY ORANGE book. It is awesome for any theme. It has a lot of plain paper that you can decorate  as you wish. Right now i am practicing my stamping. iIs like making my own patterned paper. If I mess up, who cares, i will just smash over top of it later. I am also practicing my border punch. Your smash book is all about you and you can do whatever you want in it ......and since i have a 4 year old and my scrap room is still not set up Smashing is very time and space efficient.
I take my Smash book with me whereever I go....except Scrapfest. of course i forgot my book at home. Good news is that i work for Loonie4scrapbooking (L4SB for short) and was able to just grab another one. My red one is like a diary.....very therapeutic and my green one is all happy family things and my orange one is whatever it turns out to be. The good news is you can grab any Smash book  and make it your own. Just SMASH whatever comes to mind.  The most convenient part of it is the pen slash glue stick.  Take whatever you want to smash, glue it in, and take the pen and write whatever you want about it. And of course as with all cool things Smash has all kinds of cool accessories. I love the paper pads. My favorite ones are the BLACK ( quotes) YELLOW (blank) and RED ( special people) but there are all kinds of others......PURPLE (top 10) GREEN ( family) BLUE ( travel) PINK ( special occasions) ORANGE ( entertainment)  just to name a few.  Also there are smash bands, smash folders, smash clips, again just to name a few things. what is your favorite smash book, paper pad and accessory? Do you love smash as much as i do?
Love to hear from you

Monday, October 15, 2012

A summary of our experience at Scrapfest Oshawa

What to say about Scrapfest?!  

It was early Friday morning and I was getting all packed. Saying good bye to my handsome husband, beautiful son and adorable puppy, Loonscrapper and I Jumped into the over loaded van that her gracious husband had packed for us, and we headed to Scrapfest Oshawa 2012. Our biggest Venue yet and an awesome birthday getaway with my bestie.  We arrived at Scrapfest all excited and started to put up our display.....disaster #1. It fell down and landed on our neighbours cash register.  Thankfully no damage was done but we were getting flustered. After nearly taking out their POS system, Sweet Sentiments lent us a table and we were ever so grateful and got our booth set up just as they opened the doors. Phew that was close. Disaster #2......brand new cash register wouldn't work right......totally flustered. took some time but got it to work right.....woohoo!  Short time later discovered cash tape was running out and we did not have another one.  FYI:  If you buy a cash register do NOT expect them to give you a regular sized roll.  We would like to thank Karen's Scrapbooking Creations for helping us out of the bind.   We were so busy non stop that the day went by really quickly. met lots of wonderful people and had a fantastic weekend.  When the venue was over it was 5 pm and pouring of course it was right?????????  As Loonscrapper loaded the van Disaster #3 happened and the dolly I had loaded up with totes snapped off a wheel. ...did I mention it was brand new?!  After A LOT of organizing and reorganizing we got the van loaded all the while staying positive and laughing it off.  We headed off for dinner about 9pm ( yup took that long to load the van) looking like two drowned rats. I'm sure we were quite a site.   We ordered supper......yummy, and I got free cheesecake for my birthday..delicious. and we headed back to our hotel and watched "The Proposal".....twice, great movie.

We had so much fun and moved A LOT of product!   That means you need to be paying extra attention because there is going to be tonnes of new products coming onto the site.  We had such a good time we are also looking into attending Scrapfest Kitchener in April 2013. exciting is that?!

A very special thanks to Loonscrappers husband and trusted friend for building us a display (sorry it didn't work out) and spending valuable time packing the van up......we really missed you on our end when we had to do it ourselves. 

And a very special thanks to my dear friend Loonscrapper for inviting me on Loonie4scrapbooking's biggest event to date. i was very proud to wear the logo and be a part of the fun. And for the most wonderful thoughtful Birthday gift, a train punch that has been discontinued forever. i don't know how she got it but I LOVE it!

Sunshine Scrapper

Just a little sidenote from Loonscrapper:

The organizers of Scrapfest are amazing!  Everyone involved was polite, helpful and extremely friendly.  The canteen was serving actual Tim Hortons coffee as well as timbits.  They also offered healthy and delicious food at very affordable prices.  Everything was perfect!  Great job Lisa and team!  We appreciate all your hard work and advice!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Almost Christmas for L4SB?

Eek its here, Scrapfest, is only a few hours away now. Its almost better than Christmas. Store is packed and tomorrow we say our "see you laters" to the husbands and kids. As the husbands man the house for the weekend we will embark on our biggest business venture yet. Come on out and say hi you won't be disappointed you did. New products will be on site and lots of awesome deals, and if that isn't exciting enough you can wish me, Sunshine Scrapper a happy birthday and get an extra 10% off your order. Woohoo. We are located just beside the food court. So grab a snack and head on over to our both.   By the way they have Tim Hortons coffee and you can still buy tickets to the marketplace on Saturday and shop between 9 am and 5pm.. Tickets are available at the door only now.  We can't wait to see you!

Yours truly
Sunshine Scrapper

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meet Sunshine

Hello fellow scrappers,

My name is Sunshine Scrapper and I am a partner and cohort of the Loon Scrapper. I am a mother of one beautiful little 4 year old boy and love to scrap every little picture I have the opportunity to snap. My favorite line is Smash because I can do just that. Smash it, scrap it, and move on... so fast so easy and so awesome. I'm already on my 2nd book with two more on order, lol.

I am so fortunate that my husband agrees that my hobby needs its own room so in our first family home that we just moved in to  I am happy to announce that I have my own Scrap room. Woohoo.

For those of you that are coming to Scrapfest in Oshawa next weekend come visit our booth. We are beside the food court. I am so excited to be a part of this HUGE mile marker for LOONIE4SCRAPBOOKING and look forward to meeting some of you at this and other venues we will be attending.

If you have any questions about products or techniques or even if you just want to say hi you can post on our blog or send us an email to We promise to be prompt and get back to you with a response asap.

Hope to hear from you soon


Monday, October 1, 2012

Another new cutting machine...The Silhouette PORTRAIT

Hello fellow scrappers,

I recently told you that Loonie4scrapbooking was going to be selling Silhouette of America products and we were accepting preorders. Immediately after placing the order for the Silhouettes I received an email telling me about a new Silhouette cutting machine that is now available for preordering. This new machine is geared toward cardmakers or crafters not requiring the larger 12x12 surface area. This machine is called "the PORTRAIT".

The PORTRAIT has the same motor as the Cameo but is smaller (with a 8.5x11" surface space)and weighs only 3.5 Lbs making it easily portable. It is able to resize designs from 1/4" to 8" in width and up to 10 feet long. The Portrait can cut all the same types of materials that the CAMEO can (including all Silhouette branded materials) and includes a cutting mat that will accept Letter (8.5 in x 11 in) and A4 sized sheet goods. Like the CAMEO, the portrait has an optical scanner so it can be used with a home printer to create print & cut projects. It is compatible with both Mac and PC and includes Silhouette Studio® software—allowing users to create their own designs and cut the fonts already installed on their computers. This machine will be in store by early December which gives plenty of time to get it as a Christmas gift. It will retail for $199.99 + tax

To ensure you get one in time for Christmas preorder now! Total cost is $199.99 plus applicable tax but we only require a downpayment of $100 (no tax) to place your order. Balance of order will be collectable when machine arrives in store!

In our next entry we will be introducing you to Loonscrappers friend and creative collaborator, Sunshine Scrapper. ...