Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stickle mania!

Well Ladies another very successful crop. We had a small very close nit group Sunday, and i must say " its always awesome to see you girls". One of my favorite things to do is go around the tables and sample some of the tools, see what techniques people are using, and check out their goodies like inks, mists, stickles, and whatever other awesome things i can find. Todays new toy was "Stickles". A glorified glitter glue BY Ranger. I love them. I spent all day making pages for my paper bag albums. Stamping, heat embossing and lots of "stickling". Thanks bunches to "Scrapbooking Nut".... Who continually gives me much needed pointers on how to use new and old products I experiment with,  and always has a happy cheery face and provides positive encouragement.. Lol  One piece of advice with Stickles...they need time (lots of time) to dry.  So Stickle and move on to another project then return later to finish, or Stickle at the end of your project not the beeginning!

I also have made another awesome purchase from L4SB.... My crop-a-dile with eyelets are also one of my new favorite things. For $40 you can get a crop-a-dile in a case with 80 medium eyelets of different colors. My crop-a-dile also doubles as a hole punch. So much fun.  The crop-a-dile mentioned here is by WeR Memory Makers and costs $37.99 + tax.  If you are interested in purchasing one please contact loonscrapper@gmail.com.  We do not have them in stock but can typically get them in about a week.

Oh and i almost forgot we made Christmas tree ornaments. Mine was not overly successful but was still very pretty. We used clear glass balls and all crafting ideas are endless. After those some of the girls made pinecone picture frames. They were scented so my wonderful partner in crime and my favorite cohort made one for me. Thanks bunches Loon Scrapper. I love you girl. Here is the link for instructions on how to make the pinecone ornaments:  http://www.marthastewart.com/907287/pinecone-picture-frame-ornaments?czone=holiday/workshop-christmas/workshop-christmas-handbook&center=307034&gallery=274350&slide=907287
They are actually quite easy to do (though separating the scales from the pinecone can take some effort and patience) and really pretty when done.

So I will end with a open invitation to join us in our crops. Dates are posted with lots of notice and we try to have one a month. We would love to see you.  The dates will be posted by the end of this week!

Happy scrapping

Always feel free to post your work and comments. We love to see and hear from you..
Till next time....

Monday, November 19, 2012

Paperbag books

Hi fellow scrappers,

Hope everyone is getting lots of crafting done as we approach the festive season.  Christmas time is the perfect time to let your creativity go wild and everyone loves handmade gifts from the heart.  It was for this reason that at our last crop we had design team member Scrapbooking Nut, teach a group of us how to make paperbag books.  When you say it out loud it sounds really corny, but in all actuality these are wonderful gifts for teachers, grandparents, etc.  We saw people do incredible things with their mini books.  They are quite simple to put together but take a lot of time and planning out is important to get the look you are going for.

We were so impressed with the result that we wanted to share them here with you.  If you have been on the :Loonie4scrapbooking Faccebook group page than you have likely seen some of them, but I feel they are worth sharing.  First off, this one was done by a middleshool girl whose work we are always proud to display on the site.  Jess has a natural artistic talent that was evident the first day she walked into out introduction to scrapbooking class more than 2 years ago.

Next we have a lady who lives, and breathes Steampunk!  Look what she did with her paperbag book. and yes, I swear it is a paperbag under there.  I can't say much about this except maybe, WOW!!!

These are just 2 examples, but we had a group of 8 ladies and we all had a great time.  I know you are saying where is yours, well, first off its not completed and secondly its a gift for someone who may end up reading this so I don't want to ruin the surprise:)

Sunshine enjoyed making her book so much (by the way we need photos Sunshine) that she went home and made 3 more for the Craft sale and she plans to make a bunch more for Christmas gifts.   Hmm, think I may get one?  Hope so!

Now that all the sales etc are over for a bit it is time to get my craft room in order so I can get back to having a place to escape and let loose.  Then I need to get over and help Sunshine set up her scrap room so she has no more excuses for not preparing kits:)  Later this week the team and I are going to sit down and just have some fun girl crafting time making Christmas cards.  I am looking forward to craft time!

Well thats all for now.  If you plan to shop on the site in the near future please remember to allow enough time for your package to arrive as this is a busy time of year for the Postal Service.  If you require gift wrapping that can be arranged and we do offer gift certificates for that hard to buy for person.

Blog soon, happy scrapping!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello fellow bloggers,

Life as per usual is always busy and I am always late for everything. ....according to everyone i know lol.  Don't tell my boss but I'm late with my monthly layout and my scrap room is still not even close to being usable. On the brightside I am getting super excited for the paper bag class with Tracey.  Also i have ordered my very own crop-a-dile and it is in as well.....eeeek.  This time of year i don't seem to have any problems spending money just making it.....I'm sure I am not alone in this. with all the new winter paper patterns and kits its very hard to say no.
I don't have much to blog about today ( but promised i would do one lol) but on a side note i would just like to remind all our loyal customers and all our new ones as well that all pre-orders require a downpayment. This is especially true for our big ticket items like our Sillouette machines. For example with the Sillouette machine it is a 50% deposit.($100) this is what you will pay when you order the machine. Then when it arrives at Loonie4scrapbooking you will be billed for the remaining $100 plus tax and shipping. This is all to ensure that we are not stuck with extra inventory if an order is cancelled.
Have you had a look at the winter paper and paper kits? Most of them are in stock and selling fast while Winter Wishes will be arriving soon. eeek. So hard not to buy one of each. which one is your favorite? if you create a masterpiece that you want to share feel free to post to our site. We love to see all your creations.
Have a great day,
I'm off from one job to the next,blogger and now mommy and wife....supper time!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Die D-Lites by Spellbinders

What is the latest dies to be released from Spellbinders...the Die D-Lites.

Here is the info from Spellbinders about their latest dies.

"The new Spellbinders Shapeabilities® Die D-Lites™ collection combine form and function, offering every look from elegant to whimsical. What makes Die D-Lites special are their smaller sizes, perfect for cards, tags and ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) to name a few. 
Mix and match within the collection or use them as accents and embellishments to your favorite Spellbinders dies. So many designing options! Cut, emboss and stencil all your craft projects with these unique die templates."  from Spellbinderspaperarts.com  Here are the designs that are available.  They are $12.99 + tax each.  Rather than order a bunch in if there is one you want you let me know and I will order it for you.   As of today (Nov 2nd) they are not available through the supplier but are due to be out any day now.

To make a preorder contact loonscrapper@gmail.com.  

Window 2

Poppy Patch

Flower Burst
Wrought Iron

Fantasic Flourish #3
Fantastic Flourish 2
Frame 1

Window 1

Medallion 1

Medallion 2

Medallion 3

Medaillion 4

Medallion 5

Medallion 6
Grate works
Fantastic flourish 1

Garden Weave
Cat tails
Flourish Trim

Whimsical Tree

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Meet "the Nut"...


I am the Scrapbooking Nut and I am also a friend of the Loon Scrapper.  I have been an avid photographer even before I bought my first SLR film Camera.  Scrapbooking came into my life a few years later as the natural complement to my photography hobby.  Now that I have a 2 year old boy and 4 month old girl, I have a LOT of pictures to scrap and take advantage of every opportunity I get to make beautiful layouts.  My husband is very understanding of my addiction and allowed me to put together my own room.  I love to share my knowledge and I often hold a get together or class for my fellow scrapbookers. 

I enjoy many different aspects of paper crafting including stamping, smashing, card making, paper piecing and just plain old scrapbooking.  I also have a terrible addiction to paper.  I hope to share my ideas with you and hopefully inspire you to create some wonderful masterpieces of your own. 

Have a great day!!

Scrapbooking Nut

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunshines scrappy weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I sure did. On Saturday my family and I went to Saunders Farm in Munster and had a blast. Turns out that the scary side of Halloween is still not a favorite of my boys. He doesn't like being scared. but he really enjoyed the wagon ride and the mazes and everything else, especially the giant bouncing pillow. If you live in the Ottawa area you should check it out.
Then on Sunday I was at a Birthday party for part of the day before attending  the monthly LOONIE4SCRAPBOOKING CROP and POT LUCK.  Woo Hoo!  If you were there, it was so nice to see you and if you weren't there I hope to see you next time. We have a fabulous group of girls of all ages and I totally love you all. Nice to see some new faces and of course the old ones as well. Instead of working like I was supposed to be doing one of my fellow scrappers ( a wonderful new friend) let me play with her GLIMMER MISTS.  Well this is becoming one of my new favorite things. I took my SIMPLY ORANGE SMASH book and I glimmer misted the plain pages with her different TATTERED ANGELS stencils. OMG, did I have a great time. Now I know you are thinking sounds cool I would love to see some pics........but I am not very computer savy yet and i haven't figured out how to do this yet. but as soon as i figure it out I will post pics so you can see my beautiful works of art. I am very impressed with myself.....if i do say so myself. lol   After some playing I was pulled back to work... if you can even call it work since I love my job at LOONIE4SCRAPBOOKING... and Loon Scrapper and Ii have started some planning for our next big venture in November. We have planned some AWESOME (and super cheap) scrapbooking kits. we have a SMASH BASKET ( of course we do since all I seem to talk about is SMASH products) and a starter kit for a beginner scrapper.... Perfect Christmas gifts. Perfect prices. More info to come for sure.
Now yesterday I made some more progress on my SMASH books. I smashed for 3 hours without even noticing....oops;)  I   played with some products that haven't really been selling so I can figure out why. Well turns out I have solved some issues.
SMASH CAPTIONS are awesome. they are $3 and i thought that's a lot of money for 20 mini number stickers and 22 mini little notes that come with it. Well they are not stickers they are BRADS....awesome that's why they are a little bit more money. I loved playing with them. Totally worth the money now that I  have figured out they are brads not stickers. Also I was playing with the candy cane striped paperclips with tags, love them to!. They are great to gather up a bunch of items and then add a flag and label it. Again once I figure out how to add pictures I will. i also have to take some pics lol. hmmmm what else did I play with? Oh ya, the man and the bird clips that sell for $1.99 and they are great to smash glue in your books.   They make good accents and cute clips to hold items like ticket stubs, pictures even business cards. Well i think I have babbled enough today. i think its time to sign out.
Sunshine Scrapper

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A SMASHing we will go.

Hey there Smashers and will be smashers,

I have started yet another SMASH book. this time i am doing a SIMPLY ORANGE book. It is awesome for any theme. It has a lot of plain paper that you can decorate  as you wish. Right now i am practicing my stamping. iIs like making my own patterned paper. If I mess up, who cares, i will just smash over top of it later. I am also practicing my border punch. Your smash book is all about you and you can do whatever you want in it ......and since i have a 4 year old and my scrap room is still not set up Smashing is very time and space efficient.
I take my Smash book with me whereever I go....except Scrapfest. of course i forgot my book at home. Good news is that i work for Loonie4scrapbooking (L4SB for short) and was able to just grab another one. My red one is like a diary.....very therapeutic and my green one is all happy family things and my orange one is whatever it turns out to be. The good news is you can grab any Smash book  and make it your own. Just SMASH whatever comes to mind.  The most convenient part of it is the pen slash glue stick.  Take whatever you want to smash, glue it in, and take the pen and write whatever you want about it. And of course as with all cool things Smash has all kinds of cool accessories. I love the paper pads. My favorite ones are the BLACK ( quotes) YELLOW (blank) and RED ( special people) but there are all kinds of others......PURPLE (top 10) GREEN ( family) BLUE ( travel) PINK ( special occasions) ORANGE ( entertainment)  just to name a few.  Also there are smash bands, smash folders, smash clips, again just to name a few things. what is your favorite smash book, paper pad and accessory? Do you love smash as much as i do?
Love to hear from you

Monday, October 15, 2012

A summary of our experience at Scrapfest Oshawa

What to say about Scrapfest?!  

It was early Friday morning and I was getting all packed. Saying good bye to my handsome husband, beautiful son and adorable puppy, Loonscrapper and I Jumped into the over loaded van that her gracious husband had packed for us, and we headed to Scrapfest Oshawa 2012. Our biggest Venue yet and an awesome birthday getaway with my bestie.  We arrived at Scrapfest all excited and started to put up our display.....disaster #1. It fell down and landed on our neighbours cash register.  Thankfully no damage was done but we were getting flustered. After nearly taking out their POS system, Sweet Sentiments lent us a table and we were ever so grateful and got our booth set up just as they opened the doors. Phew that was close. Disaster #2......brand new cash register wouldn't work right......totally flustered. took some time but got it to work right.....woohoo!  Short time later discovered cash tape was running out and we did not have another one.  FYI:  If you buy a cash register do NOT expect them to give you a regular sized roll.  We would like to thank Karen's Scrapbooking Creations for helping us out of the bind.   We were so busy non stop that the day went by really quickly. met lots of wonderful people and had a fantastic weekend.  When the venue was over it was 5 pm and pouring rain......lol of course it was right?????????  As Loonscrapper loaded the van Disaster #3 happened and the dolly I had loaded up with totes snapped off a wheel. ...did I mention it was brand new?!  After A LOT of organizing and reorganizing we got the van loaded all the while staying positive and laughing it off.  We headed off for dinner about 9pm ( yup took that long to load the van) looking like two drowned rats. I'm sure we were quite a site.   We ordered supper......yummy, and I got free cheesecake for my birthday..delicious. and we headed back to our hotel and watched "The Proposal".....twice, great movie.

We had so much fun and moved A LOT of product!   That means you need to be paying extra attention because there is going to be tonnes of new products coming onto the site.  We had such a good time we are also looking into attending Scrapfest Kitchener in April 2013.   Eeeeek.how exciting is that?!

A very special thanks to Loonscrappers husband and trusted friend for building us a display (sorry it didn't work out) and spending valuable time packing the van up......we really missed you on our end when we had to do it ourselves. 

And a very special thanks to my dear friend Loonscrapper for inviting me on Loonie4scrapbooking's biggest event to date. i was very proud to wear the logo and be a part of the fun. And for the most wonderful thoughtful Birthday gift, a train punch that has been discontinued forever. i don't know how she got it but I LOVE it!

Sunshine Scrapper

Just a little sidenote from Loonscrapper:

The organizers of Scrapfest are amazing!  Everyone involved was polite, helpful and extremely friendly.  The canteen was serving actual Tim Hortons coffee as well as timbits.  They also offered healthy and delicious food at very affordable prices.  Everything was perfect!  Great job Lisa and team!  We appreciate all your hard work and advice!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Almost Christmas for L4SB?

Eek its here, Scrapfest, is only a few hours away now. Its almost better than Christmas. Store is packed and tomorrow we say our "see you laters" to the husbands and kids. As the husbands man the house for the weekend we will embark on our biggest business venture yet. Come on out and say hi you won't be disappointed you did. New products will be on site and lots of awesome deals, and if that isn't exciting enough you can wish me, Sunshine Scrapper a happy birthday and get an extra 10% off your order. Woohoo. We are located just beside the food court. So grab a snack and head on over to our both.   By the way they have Tim Hortons coffee and you can still buy tickets to the marketplace on Saturday and shop between 9 am and 5pm.. Tickets are available at the door only now.  We can't wait to see you!

Yours truly
Sunshine Scrapper

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meet Sunshine

Hello fellow scrappers,

My name is Sunshine Scrapper and I am a partner and cohort of the Loon Scrapper. I am a mother of one beautiful little 4 year old boy and love to scrap every little picture I have the opportunity to snap. My favorite line is Smash because I can do just that. Smash it, scrap it, and move on... so fast so easy and so awesome. I'm already on my 2nd book with two more on order, lol.

I am so fortunate that my husband agrees that my hobby needs its own room so in our first family home that we just moved in to  I am happy to announce that I have my own Scrap room. Woohoo.

For those of you that are coming to Scrapfest in Oshawa next weekend come visit our booth. We are beside the food court. I am so excited to be a part of this HUGE mile marker for LOONIE4SCRAPBOOKING and look forward to meeting some of you at this and other venues we will be attending.

If you have any questions about products or techniques or even if you just want to say hi you can post on our blog or send us an email to loonscrapper@gmail.com. We promise to be prompt and get back to you with a response asap.

Hope to hear from you soon


Monday, October 1, 2012

Another new cutting machine...The Silhouette PORTRAIT

Hello fellow scrappers,

I recently told you that Loonie4scrapbooking was going to be selling Silhouette of America products and we were accepting preorders. Immediately after placing the order for the Silhouettes I received an email telling me about a new Silhouette cutting machine that is now available for preordering. This new machine is geared toward cardmakers or crafters not requiring the larger 12x12 surface area. This machine is called "the PORTRAIT".

The PORTRAIT has the same motor as the Cameo but is smaller (with a 8.5x11" surface space)and weighs only 3.5 Lbs making it easily portable. It is able to resize designs from 1/4" to 8" in width and up to 10 feet long. The Portrait can cut all the same types of materials that the CAMEO can (including all Silhouette branded materials) and includes a cutting mat that will accept Letter (8.5 in x 11 in) and A4 sized sheet goods. Like the CAMEO, the portrait has an optical scanner so it can be used with a home printer to create print & cut projects. It is compatible with both Mac and PC and includes Silhouette Studio® software—allowing users to create their own designs and cut the fonts already installed on their computers. This machine will be in store by early December which gives plenty of time to get it as a Christmas gift. It will retail for $199.99 + tax

To ensure you get one in time for Christmas preorder now! Total cost is $199.99 plus applicable tax but we only require a downpayment of $100 (no tax) to place your order. Balance of order will be collectable when machine arrives in store!

In our next entry we will be introducing you to Loonscrappers friend and creative collaborator, Sunshine Scrapper. ...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Silhouette America

The Silhouette Cameo is an electronic personal cutting tool that hooks up via a USB cable to your personal computer be it a PC or a Mac..  Instead of printing your images the Cameo has a blade that cuts out the designs directly from your computer.  The Silhouette is the 2nd electronic cutting tool that Silhouette America has released.  The first machine was the Silhouette SD which is very similar to the Cameo but lacked enticing features such as a 12x12 cutting surface. 

The Cameo is able to cut through fabric, vinyl, cardstock and other materials with ease (when you use the right blade).  There is also the option of removing the cutting blade and replacing it with a Silhouette sketch pen to sketch digital designs. It is easy to adjust the size of designs or text from ¼ inch up to 12 inches wide and as long as 10 feet,  At this point I can’t help but think to myself…ok, but my Cricut does all that!  What is it that makes this machine stand out from other electronic cutting machines? 

One important benefit I see from comparing the Cameo to the Cricut machine is that the Cameo is both versatile and cost efficient.  Cricut users need to purchase expensive and space taking cartridges to get the images they want, many times buying a cartridge just so they can get a couple of the images off of it…not at all cost efficient.  The Cameo user can purchase the images they want through the online store using a download card paying only .99 cents (or for some like Looney Tunes its $1.99) for an image, the image they actually want!  Once purchased this image is theirs to keep.   No wasting money on images you don’t want or need, plus you get free designs through the Silhouette software when you initially purchase your machine, and if that’s not enough, you can use any of the fonts already on your computer.  Wait a second, am I understanding this right, this machine gives you some images free, lets you download others and lets you design your own!  Wow, to design using the Cricut I need a Gypsy which is another semi expensive tool whereas the Cameo does all of that with just one machine!!!!

I was thinking I MAY have to get a Cameo if for no other reason so that I can know the product I am selling, but following that last paragraph I am now certain I MUST have one for myself!  I love my Cricut and it has served me well over the past couple of years but as technology continues to advance so to do the tools….and yay for that!

The more I read about the Cameo the more I like what I see/hear.  The Cameo also allows you to print full color images to your printer then cut them out using the Cameo.  How cool is that?  The Cameo can be controlled either by a home computer or an SD card….my guess is the next machine they come out with will also be controlled by our cellphones.

While I was reading up on the Silhouette I decided to take a peek at the   Online store. The store is open for browsing but you are not able to purchase or download anything without having the Silhouette Studio.  Lots of options including designs from companies like Echo Park, SEI, Pebbles etc,  Only possible problem with this (for me anyways) is that a person could spend hours just trying to choose designs they may want with the large selection available.  They even have a free shape you can download each week.  Upon entering the store I came across a blog they have that you may be interested in taking a peek at:  http://blog.silhouetteamerica.com/

If you would like to purchase a Silhouette Cameo machine they are now available for preorder.  The cost of the unit will be $299.99 + tax and being such a big ticket item we do require a $150.00 downpayment on the machine.  Included in the box with the Cameo electronic cutting machine is:  USB cable, AC adapter and power chord, $10 download card, Silhouette instructional DVD and Silhouette Studio design software, cutting mat, adjustable blade, and 50 exclusive digital designs.

Here are some specs on the machine you may find useful:
Weight: 6.5 Lbs but please note the shipping weight states 11 Lbs
There is a 1year warranty on parts and labor.  This warranty is through Silhouette America which is based out of California, USA.
Dimensions of the machine itself are: 20.9”x5”x6.5” but for shipping are 24x11x11

Well I guess all that’s left to do is get my Cameo and check it out!  The order will be going in soon so preorder today to ensure you get one from the first order.  I know I am looking forward to playing with mine!  Watch for my review after I get my machine in a future blog.

Happy scrapping friends!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Magic Stamp

I know the last posting said next up would be Spellbinders, but I am going to talk about a new to me tool that I wanted to let you know about.  I recently tried the Magic Stamp from Clearsnap and was pleasantly surprised to find out it truly is a "magic stamp".

The retailer description is:  
CLEARSNAP-Magic Stamp Moldable Foam Stamps. Mold and remold this foam pieces into an endless variety of textures and objects. Just Heat; Mold; Cut; and Stamp! Your molded image will remain until you reheat your shape. Great for stamping or stenciling on paper; fabric; and wood. This package contains eight 4x3x1 inch foam blocks. Made in USA.

I had the Magic Stamp in the house for less than a week when I decided I just had to try it,  My 2 sons and I decided to incorporate it into our craft time.  I grabbed my heat gun, magic stamp, a couple of different colors of ink to prepare for our activity.  I then told my sons to randomly choose a couple of items for us to try the Magic stamp on. 

We started with a seashell.  I heated the foam stamp by slowly moving the heat gun over the foam for about 30 seconds.  I then set a seashell on the table and pressed the heated side of the foam into the shell and held it firmly in place for 15-20 seconds.  The seashell impression was well detailed and when we added ink to the foam we discovered we had in fact created a beautiful stamp.  

We also used various other objects including  coins, which we discovered that when you overlap coins and put their impression in the foam they actually looked like bubbles.  With the coins we played around and I was a little disappointed to see the impression on the coins was only minimally visible.

My youngest son decided to go outside and get a leaf so we could try it,  The leaf was beautiful especially when I used both red and brown ink on the stamp.  We played around with the leaf, and saw the depth and clarity of the impression was dependant on the amount of pressure used.  The deeper the impression the longer it takes to reheat the foam to have it return to its original form.

We also tried a rock, a toy figurine, and a plastic baby fork.  The plastic baby fork worked really well but the figurine left a weak unimpressive impression.  I have read that if you make an impression of another stamp (eg a wood mounted stamp) the impression of the stamp will be different then the original impression the stamp would normally make,  I did not test this yet but plan to the next time I play with the magic stamp...tomorrow maybe,

Clearsnap was smart to not just create a block form of the foam stamp but also offers packages of sheet stock so that you can cut the size you need.  Being able to cut to size gives you endless possibilities for your stamp creations.  I must say I do love this product.  I know the Magic Stamp is not new, it has actually been on the market for a few months, but I just recently learned about it and wanted to try it,  So my opinion is that this is a really fun tool that enables your creativity to flow.  My kids loved finding different things to make impressions with and of course like all kids getting dirty is always fun.  I did not let them touch the heat gun but the rest they can do.

I have one warning for everyone...it says on the packaging to keep the heat gun moving as you can melt the foam and oh boy, they are 100% correct.  I was distracted by something happening around me and held the gun still for less than 3 seconds and sure enough the foam melted a bit.  So if you are heating the block be careful to keep the heat moving across the foam and do not accidentally get too close to the foam.

You can utilize both sides of the block  making 2 distinct stamps.  If you like the stamp you create you can leave the impression in the foam to use again.  However if you want to erase your stamp to make another you simply reheat the foam gently gliding the heat gun over the impression until it is completely removed.  Just remember to keep the heat 

The magic stamp is now available at Loonie4scrapbooking for $7.79 + tax for the 8 pack of blocks.  We also carry the foam sheets which enable you to cut the size of foam you need.  The packs of sheet stock contain three 8x10 inch foam sheets in varying thicknesses ranging from 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch.  A third form of the magic stamp is the Geometric shapes pack. This package contains ten foam blocks in assorted shapes; sizes; and colors.  The sheets and geometric shapes packs each cost $6.79 + tax.

The above video will show you the basics,  Use your imagination and have fun!  


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Distinguishing between the Spellbinder "ABILITIES"

Spellbinders dies-  distinguishing between the –ABILITIES

If you are new to Spellbinder dies you may wonder what the difference is from one category of die to another.  I figured that if I didn’t know the difference there is a good likelihood others out there don’t know either,  I hope some find it helpful.

Nestabilities have been around since 2007.  They are various die cut shapes at 1/4th and 1/8th inch increments that create beautiful scrapbooking pages. Like many die cut templates they are metal wafer thin dies that allow you to cut, emboss, and stencil all in one. One of the major differences is that with nesting dies you have about 6 or 7 that come in a package that are great for stacking to create a 3-D nesting effect at an affordable price. They are universal and work in most die cutting machines..

Grand Nestabilities die templates are a super sized version of our flagship Spellbinders Nestabilities dies. Incrementing up from our regular sized sets, mix and match with each other or coordinate with original sized Nestabilities dies. 

Shapeabilities dies offer the most cutting and embossing detail in dies available in the market today.   They offer every look from ”sophisticated to whimsical.

Enhanceabilities offer the versatility to add your own creative flair to everything you create! 
Enjoy our latest offering with the Pop-Up die designs, bringing dimension & detail with delicate butterfly wings & playful hearts, perfect for cards, layouts, invitations and more!

From decorative corners to accent pieces each unique die template has been specifically designed to pop up and add dimension to any project. 

Edgeabilities:  Mix and match the cutting Edge with a cutting and embossing Decorative Insert to create custom, beautifully detailed edges for cards, scrapbook pages and mixed media projects. Designed with one inch repeating patterns, mix and match between sets to create more than 72 combinations with the introduction of the first six sets.

Borderabilities are designed to create decorative edges and strips for cards or scrapbook pages, Spellbinders Borderabilities® dies are available in a two sizes and a variety of designs. Grand Borderabilities are 12” and ideal for scrapbooking layouts. The versatile Borderabilities Petite are 5½” long and sold in coordinating sets of borders and decorative strips.

Frameabilities die templates are the easy way to cut and emboss perfect, delightfully detailed frames. Each Spellbinders Frameabilities set includes two nested frames and coordinating accent pieces. They are great for frames, windows and more on cards, scrapbook pages 

M-Bossabilities Folders - Two Designs. Twice the Value.
Double your creativity with the new Spellbinders M-Bossabilities folders. Unique reversible embossing folders give you twice the value and more design options for detailed embossing and letterpress creations. 20 embossing folders flip around to create two different looks! Spellbinders M-Bossabilities folders come in 2 sizes for all your paper crafting needs. Each folder has two designs - one on each side -  for more versatility and value.

Impressabilities are flexible metal templates for embossing your craft project. Use them to emboss the pattern, apply ink to letterpress, stencil through the pattern, or cut apart to embellish with pieces of the pattern. Add the details that make your project special with Spellbinders Impressabilities templates.

With Spellbinders Grand Impressabilities, emboss with Spellbinders Grand Nestabilities dies to create texture on a grand scale.  Add embossed detail to your work.

Cardmakers and scrapbookers alike love Spellbinders “abilities” for the versatility (mix and match) and value or these dies.   I also like that they work on all the leading manual die cutting machines.  I use Spellbinders on my Cuttlebug.  There are a large variety available and we can’t carry them all but if there is one you know you want let us know and we will do our best to get it for you and as always we promise to offer you the lowest price. 

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the new Spellbinder Majestic Elements

Thursday, July 26, 2012


If you are a papercrafter you have likely heard about (or at the very least will soon hear about) Washi tape. This product is invading the crafting world with a vengeance.

Washi tape is basically a pretty, high quality masking tape.
You can tear it, stick it, reposition it, write on it...and so much more. The low tack adhesive makes it extremely easy to use (and reuse).

Washi tape originated in Japan and is commonly made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub (Edgeworthia papyrifera), or the paper mulberry, but also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. Washi comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper.

Numerous companies in the crafting world now make Washi tape (or their version of it seeing as its not actually made in Japan). Bella Blvd, We R MK, Studio Calico, 7 Gypsies, Cosmo Cricket, Crate Paper, Queen and Company, and Heidi Swapp all joined the Washi takeover. Tim Holtz has a tissue tape and Little Yellow Bicycle released a vellum tape to compliment their Splash Collection.

Each tape is unique. They have varying colors (neutrals/darks/lights/pastels/neon), designs (polka dots/ wood grain/flowers etc) sizes and themes (birthday/halloween xmas). Some come 2 rolls in a pack, others 3 in a pack, some just a single roll. Some are thick and have a paper backing, some are thin and transparent. The options are endless.

Here is some info about each of the main companies that manufacture Washi tape.

7 Gypsies tape: package of 3, not transparent, thicker than regular Washi tape, removeable/repositionable, good for stamping on, also have fabric tape available, low tack

Prima canvas tape: package of 3, not transparent,low tack

Tim Holtz tissue tape: set of 2, transparent, very low tack (does not stick well),

K& Co. Smash tape: somewhat transparent, midway between a masking tape and a Washi tape, low tack,

Hambley: great for beginners, 2 smaller rolls and 1 larger roll in a package, wood grain, doiley, script, low tack, can be layered for effect,

American Crafts decorative tape: thicker than Washi, low tack

American Crafts and Amy Tangerine teamed up: this is good starter set, neutral colors, wood grain,ruler,

Martha Stewart paper tapes: holiday tapes, most are not transparent, thin, low tack,4 different sizes in a package,

Real "Washi Tape":

MT brand or Kamoi: available through Etsy

It is important to look at the size of the roll to ensure you are getting your moneys worth. Most of the main brands have lots on there rolls but a couple of companies provide significantly less.

At Loonie4scrapbooking we currently have some We R MK Washi tape in stock for $3.79 + tax. The package contains 2 rolls each with 26 feet (52 feet total). One roll is 15mm wide; the other is 10mm wide.  

We are also able to get the following brands of Washi tape:

Cosmo Cricket: Ruler or Hello for $8.79 each+ tax
Contains two rolls each with 16 yards of washi tape. Acid and lignin free. Imported.

Cashmere Dame Washi Tape by Glitz: 33 Feet for $3.49 each + tax. Available in Chevron or Cherry

October Afternoon: OCTOBER AFTERNOON-9 To 5 Collection or Woodland Park or Cakewalk: Washi Tape. This paper tape is great for borders; layering; and collages and can be written or stamped on for added flair. This package contains one 8-yard roll of Washi Tape. Available in several designs (each sold separately). Imported.

HEIDI SWAPP-Day Glow: Neon Tapes. These assorted brightly colored tapes are the perfect accent to your paper crafts! The intense pop of color add excitement and energy to any piece! Package contains 4 tapes in assorted widths. Each tape is 5 meters long. Acid and lignin free. Imported.
$6.79 + tax

There is also more coming available for preorder.

Hope you find this useful and if you want to learn more I invite you to look at some videos on YouTube or better yet grab yourself some Washi and have fun experimenting...I know I will! Have fun!!