Saturday, September 1, 2012

Silhouette America

The Silhouette Cameo is an electronic personal cutting tool that hooks up via a USB cable to your personal computer be it a PC or a Mac..  Instead of printing your images the Cameo has a blade that cuts out the designs directly from your computer.  The Silhouette is the 2nd electronic cutting tool that Silhouette America has released.  The first machine was the Silhouette SD which is very similar to the Cameo but lacked enticing features such as a 12x12 cutting surface. 

The Cameo is able to cut through fabric, vinyl, cardstock and other materials with ease (when you use the right blade).  There is also the option of removing the cutting blade and replacing it with a Silhouette sketch pen to sketch digital designs. It is easy to adjust the size of designs or text from ¼ inch up to 12 inches wide and as long as 10 feet,  At this point I can’t help but think to myself…ok, but my Cricut does all that!  What is it that makes this machine stand out from other electronic cutting machines? 

One important benefit I see from comparing the Cameo to the Cricut machine is that the Cameo is both versatile and cost efficient.  Cricut users need to purchase expensive and space taking cartridges to get the images they want, many times buying a cartridge just so they can get a couple of the images off of it…not at all cost efficient.  The Cameo user can purchase the images they want through the online store using a download card paying only .99 cents (or for some like Looney Tunes its $1.99) for an image, the image they actually want!  Once purchased this image is theirs to keep.   No wasting money on images you don’t want or need, plus you get free designs through the Silhouette software when you initially purchase your machine, and if that’s not enough, you can use any of the fonts already on your computer.  Wait a second, am I understanding this right, this machine gives you some images free, lets you download others and lets you design your own!  Wow, to design using the Cricut I need a Gypsy which is another semi expensive tool whereas the Cameo does all of that with just one machine!!!!

I was thinking I MAY have to get a Cameo if for no other reason so that I can know the product I am selling, but following that last paragraph I am now certain I MUST have one for myself!  I love my Cricut and it has served me well over the past couple of years but as technology continues to advance so to do the tools….and yay for that!

The more I read about the Cameo the more I like what I see/hear.  The Cameo also allows you to print full color images to your printer then cut them out using the Cameo.  How cool is that?  The Cameo can be controlled either by a home computer or an SD card….my guess is the next machine they come out with will also be controlled by our cellphones.

While I was reading up on the Silhouette I decided to take a peek at the   Online store. The store is open for browsing but you are not able to purchase or download anything without having the Silhouette Studio.  Lots of options including designs from companies like Echo Park, SEI, Pebbles etc,  Only possible problem with this (for me anyways) is that a person could spend hours just trying to choose designs they may want with the large selection available.  They even have a free shape you can download each week.  Upon entering the store I came across a blog they have that you may be interested in taking a peek at:

If you would like to purchase a Silhouette Cameo machine they are now available for preorder.  The cost of the unit will be $299.99 + tax and being such a big ticket item we do require a $150.00 downpayment on the machine.  Included in the box with the Cameo electronic cutting machine is:  USB cable, AC adapter and power chord, $10 download card, Silhouette instructional DVD and Silhouette Studio design software, cutting mat, adjustable blade, and 50 exclusive digital designs.

Here are some specs on the machine you may find useful:
Weight: 6.5 Lbs but please note the shipping weight states 11 Lbs
There is a 1year warranty on parts and labor.  This warranty is through Silhouette America which is based out of California, USA.
Dimensions of the machine itself are: 20.9”x5”x6.5” but for shipping are 24x11x11

Well I guess all that’s left to do is get my Cameo and check it out!  The order will be going in soon so preorder today to ensure you get one from the first order.  I know I am looking forward to playing with mine!  Watch for my review after I get my machine in a future blog.

Happy scrapping friends!


  1. Hi! I have owned a Cameo since last November and I am totally in love with it. I've read numerous reviews that all say the Cameo is far superior to the Cricut in terms of its ability to cut extremely detailed patterns. I can vouch for that!! Also, every Tuesday Silhouette America has a half-price sale ($0.50) on a large selection of patterns and images. I can hardly wait for Tuesdays to see what's on sale. My blog, Globug Ideas ( offers a wealth of tips and advice for Cameo owners. If you have questions or need help with your Cameo, just drop by, anytime!! Cheers!! Gloria

  2. Great to know Gloria, thanks for sharing!