Monday, November 19, 2012

Paperbag books

Hi fellow scrappers,

Hope everyone is getting lots of crafting done as we approach the festive season.  Christmas time is the perfect time to let your creativity go wild and everyone loves handmade gifts from the heart.  It was for this reason that at our last crop we had design team member Scrapbooking Nut, teach a group of us how to make paperbag books.  When you say it out loud it sounds really corny, but in all actuality these are wonderful gifts for teachers, grandparents, etc.  We saw people do incredible things with their mini books.  They are quite simple to put together but take a lot of time and planning out is important to get the look you are going for.

We were so impressed with the result that we wanted to share them here with you.  If you have been on the :Loonie4scrapbooking Faccebook group page than you have likely seen some of them, but I feel they are worth sharing.  First off, this one was done by a middleshool girl whose work we are always proud to display on the site.  Jess has a natural artistic talent that was evident the first day she walked into out introduction to scrapbooking class more than 2 years ago.

Next we have a lady who lives, and breathes Steampunk!  Look what she did with her paperbag book. and yes, I swear it is a paperbag under there.  I can't say much about this except maybe, WOW!!!

These are just 2 examples, but we had a group of 8 ladies and we all had a great time.  I know you are saying where is yours, well, first off its not completed and secondly its a gift for someone who may end up reading this so I don't want to ruin the surprise:)

Sunshine enjoyed making her book so much (by the way we need photos Sunshine) that she went home and made 3 more for the Craft sale and she plans to make a bunch more for Christmas gifts.   Hmm, think I may get one?  Hope so!

Now that all the sales etc are over for a bit it is time to get my craft room in order so I can get back to having a place to escape and let loose.  Then I need to get over and help Sunshine set up her scrap room so she has no more excuses for not preparing kits:)  Later this week the team and I are going to sit down and just have some fun girl crafting time making Christmas cards.  I am looking forward to craft time!

Well thats all for now.  If you plan to shop on the site in the near future please remember to allow enough time for your package to arrive as this is a busy time of year for the Postal Service.  If you require gift wrapping that can be arranged and we do offer gift certificates for that hard to buy for person.

Blog soon, happy scrapping!

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  1. I'm glad everyone enjoyed learning how to make them. I know I really enjoy it and it is so addictive. I am amazed by the talent in the group. Maybe we should hold a second class for those who missed out? This time I will leave little Miss Abi at home.