Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Christmas gift

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I sure did.  I was ecstatic to receive money from my hubby to get some scrapbooking supplies.  He did go to a couple of Craft stores like DeSerres and Michaels but like most men became intimidated and left empty handed opting to let me get what I wanted.

You would think I would know exactly how to spend the money, but I am like a kid in a candy store with too many yummy choices in front of me.  After careful consideration I did decide on a couple of things.  I have been wanting an OttLite so that is definitely on my list.  As I start looking at the OttLites I find myself having to decide what size? what color? do I need battery backup? should it be a desk or floor lamp...omg...too many choices!  So I decide to check out the options available and will sleep on that decision for another day.  Okay so now I also know I want a stamp scrubber, and a brayer.  Simple enough the scrubbers are all similiar and I already have the cleaning spray.  My friends have medium sized rubber brayers and I just got some in so that one is a no brainer.

As for what else to get...not sure.  There are so many things I want so I guess it will have to come down to what I need the most, or should I say what I am desiring the moment I finally decide LOL.

I just spent a good part of the day helping Sunshine Scrapper get her scrap room organized.  She had her hubby paint her room Picadilly green (like the color of  the Cricut brand logo).  It sounds scary but the bottom half of the wall is the white wainscotting with the green on the top.  The room looks great and as we began organizing her stuff two things became clear to me.  First off this girl has way too much paper and second she must buy a new Cricut cutting mat every month because I stopped counting at 9 mats.  Oh well at least now she can get some work done and be able to access all her tools, paper etc.  Now I can put her to work on some kits for the New Year.

Oh ya, I decided to get the Ottlite with both plug in and battery back up, so I am all set for my next crop:). If you need an Ottlite let me know as. I can get them.  They range from $60 for a desk model to the  $180 for one with all the bells and whistles.  Average cost is $80 to 90 for a portable light for crops.  Great investment.  Hmm...next blog will be how to choose the right Ottlite...stay tuned...

Happy scrapping friends

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