Tuesday, March 1, 2011

pics from class

The first ever Introduction to scrapbooking and techniques class was a huge success this past week-end.  We had a wonderful group of enthusiastic students that came and learned some techniques including heat embossing, photo mounting, glimmer misting, paper trimming,  etc.  A great big thank you to the extremely talented designer who taught the class, Lorena Sollows, and all those participants who came and created gorgeous layouts during (what for some people) was their very first scrapbooking experience.  I have requested photos from the class participants to post on the blog but at this time only have two I can share with you.

The first was completed by a 10 year old girl who is obviously naturally artistic but had never scrapbooked before.  This young lady followed directions like a pro and had great insight into how she wanted her layout to appear.  Congratulations Jessica this is an amazing layout and I am thrilled to share it with my followers/fellow scrapbookers.

Jessica aged 10

Obviously, Jessica comes from good creative genes, so lets see what her mom, Vicky accomplished in class.


Too bad it loses some clarity as it is enlarged.  I will have to try editing the photo to make it more clear because the detail is gorgeous.  Hopefully, you can get some idea from this that the apple (aka Jessica) most assuredly gets her artistic talent from her mom:)

Well there's a taste of what we did,  Hopefully I will be able to add more shortly.  By the way for those that are local to the Ottawa, Ontario area, Loonie4scrapbooking will be holding its 1st ever CROP on March 27th, 2011.  for more info visit the facebook page for L4sb at:

Have fun and happy scrapping!

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