Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  Hope the Easter Bunny made a good effort to leave a little something for everyone.  Remember to click lots of photos of the little ones as they go on their hunt for eggs.  Remember too to have a little extra patience today with the little ones as all that extra sugar today will definitely affect their energy levels today.  I know my kids (ok and so did I) indulged in a little ummm sample of chocolate for breakfast today,

When you have all those photos developed and are looking for a unique scrapbooking idea then come take a peek at our Easter themed Ezee Pzee  lazer cut designs containing eggs, a bunny etc.  If you are more interested in the origin of Easter and want to scrapbook the more religious aspect of it then you may be interested in this Ezee Pzee package of Easter crosses.

Whatever your preference we have you covered at Until next time...happy easter and happy scrapping!
Remember Jesus Christ gave his life to give us everything we have...don't take life for granted!

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