Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A SMASHing we will go.

Hey there Smashers and will be smashers,

I have started yet another SMASH book. this time i am doing a SIMPLY ORANGE book. It is awesome for any theme. It has a lot of plain paper that you can decorate  as you wish. Right now i am practicing my stamping. iIs like making my own patterned paper. If I mess up, who cares, i will just smash over top of it later. I am also practicing my border punch. Your smash book is all about you and you can do whatever you want in it ......and since i have a 4 year old and my scrap room is still not set up Smashing is very time and space efficient.
I take my Smash book with me whereever I go....except Scrapfest. of course i forgot my book at home. Good news is that i work for Loonie4scrapbooking (L4SB for short) and was able to just grab another one. My red one is like a diary.....very therapeutic and my green one is all happy family things and my orange one is whatever it turns out to be. The good news is you can grab any Smash book  and make it your own. Just SMASH whatever comes to mind.  The most convenient part of it is the pen slash glue stick.  Take whatever you want to smash, glue it in, and take the pen and write whatever you want about it. And of course as with all cool things Smash has all kinds of cool accessories. I love the paper pads. My favorite ones are the BLACK ( quotes) YELLOW (blank) and RED ( special people) but there are all kinds of others......PURPLE (top 10) GREEN ( family) BLUE ( travel) PINK ( special occasions) ORANGE ( entertainment)  just to name a few.  Also there are smash bands, smash folders, smash clips, again just to name a few things. what is your favorite smash book, paper pad and accessory? Do you love smash as much as i do?
Love to hear from you


  1. Loonscrappers 2 cents:

    Sunshine is right, Smash is fun, easy, convenient and space efficient. If the number of SMASH books we sold at Scrapfest are any indication people really are embracing them. I had a woman tell me that she bought hers to have something to do while she waits for her kids in swimming lessons. I had young ladies (around 12 years old) buying them as well as older women who use them as recipe books. They are versatile, affordable and do I dare say, they are not a passing fad. I like to play with mine in bed at night and my 8 year old son has one of his own that he doodles in, posts pictures in and vents frustrations in. Great gift idea!

  2. I love to smash.. Don't forget those stickers you may not be using anymore are a great addition to any smash book.. :)