Monday, October 15, 2012

A summary of our experience at Scrapfest Oshawa

What to say about Scrapfest?!  

It was early Friday morning and I was getting all packed. Saying good bye to my handsome husband, beautiful son and adorable puppy, Loonscrapper and I Jumped into the over loaded van that her gracious husband had packed for us, and we headed to Scrapfest Oshawa 2012. Our biggest Venue yet and an awesome birthday getaway with my bestie.  We arrived at Scrapfest all excited and started to put up our display.....disaster #1. It fell down and landed on our neighbours cash register.  Thankfully no damage was done but we were getting flustered. After nearly taking out their POS system, Sweet Sentiments lent us a table and we were ever so grateful and got our booth set up just as they opened the doors. Phew that was close. Disaster #2......brand new cash register wouldn't work right......totally flustered. took some time but got it to work right.....woohoo!  Short time later discovered cash tape was running out and we did not have another one.  FYI:  If you buy a cash register do NOT expect them to give you a regular sized roll.  We would like to thank Karen's Scrapbooking Creations for helping us out of the bind.   We were so busy non stop that the day went by really quickly. met lots of wonderful people and had a fantastic weekend.  When the venue was over it was 5 pm and pouring of course it was right?????????  As Loonscrapper loaded the van Disaster #3 happened and the dolly I had loaded up with totes snapped off a wheel. ...did I mention it was brand new?!  After A LOT of organizing and reorganizing we got the van loaded all the while staying positive and laughing it off.  We headed off for dinner about 9pm ( yup took that long to load the van) looking like two drowned rats. I'm sure we were quite a site.   We ordered supper......yummy, and I got free cheesecake for my birthday..delicious. and we headed back to our hotel and watched "The Proposal".....twice, great movie.

We had so much fun and moved A LOT of product!   That means you need to be paying extra attention because there is going to be tonnes of new products coming onto the site.  We had such a good time we are also looking into attending Scrapfest Kitchener in April 2013. exciting is that?!

A very special thanks to Loonscrappers husband and trusted friend for building us a display (sorry it didn't work out) and spending valuable time packing the van up......we really missed you on our end when we had to do it ourselves. 

And a very special thanks to my dear friend Loonscrapper for inviting me on Loonie4scrapbooking's biggest event to date. i was very proud to wear the logo and be a part of the fun. And for the most wonderful thoughtful Birthday gift, a train punch that has been discontinued forever. i don't know how she got it but I LOVE it!

Sunshine Scrapper

Just a little sidenote from Loonscrapper:

The organizers of Scrapfest are amazing!  Everyone involved was polite, helpful and extremely friendly.  The canteen was serving actual Tim Hortons coffee as well as timbits.  They also offered healthy and delicious food at very affordable prices.  Everything was perfect!  Great job Lisa and team!  We appreciate all your hard work and advice!

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