Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunshines scrappy weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I sure did. On Saturday my family and I went to Saunders Farm in Munster and had a blast. Turns out that the scary side of Halloween is still not a favorite of my boys. He doesn't like being scared. but he really enjoyed the wagon ride and the mazes and everything else, especially the giant bouncing pillow. If you live in the Ottawa area you should check it out.
Then on Sunday I was at a Birthday party for part of the day before attending  the monthly LOONIE4SCRAPBOOKING CROP and POT LUCK.  Woo Hoo!  If you were there, it was so nice to see you and if you weren't there I hope to see you next time. We have a fabulous group of girls of all ages and I totally love you all. Nice to see some new faces and of course the old ones as well. Instead of working like I was supposed to be doing one of my fellow scrappers ( a wonderful new friend) let me play with her GLIMMER MISTS.  Well this is becoming one of my new favorite things. I took my SIMPLY ORANGE SMASH book and I glimmer misted the plain pages with her different TATTERED ANGELS stencils. OMG, did I have a great time. Now I know you are thinking sounds cool I would love to see some pics........but I am not very computer savy yet and i haven't figured out how to do this yet. but as soon as i figure it out I will post pics so you can see my beautiful works of art. I am very impressed with myself.....if i do say so myself. lol   After some playing I was pulled back to work... if you can even call it work since I love my job at LOONIE4SCRAPBOOKING... and Loon Scrapper and Ii have started some planning for our next big venture in November. We have planned some AWESOME (and super cheap) scrapbooking kits. we have a SMASH BASKET ( of course we do since all I seem to talk about is SMASH products) and a starter kit for a beginner scrapper.... Perfect Christmas gifts. Perfect prices. More info to come for sure.
Now yesterday I made some more progress on my SMASH books. I smashed for 3 hours without even noticing....oops;)  I   played with some products that haven't really been selling so I can figure out why. Well turns out I have solved some issues.
SMASH CAPTIONS are awesome. they are $3 and i thought that's a lot of money for 20 mini number stickers and 22 mini little notes that come with it. Well they are not stickers they are BRADS....awesome that's why they are a little bit more money. I loved playing with them. Totally worth the money now that I  have figured out they are brads not stickers. Also I was playing with the candy cane striped paperclips with tags, love them to!. They are great to gather up a bunch of items and then add a flag and label it. Again once I figure out how to add pictures I will. i also have to take some pics lol. hmmmm what else did I play with? Oh ya, the man and the bird clips that sell for $1.99 and they are great to smash glue in your books.   They make good accents and cute clips to hold items like ticket stubs, pictures even business cards. Well i think I have babbled enough today. i think its time to sign out.
Sunshine Scrapper

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