Monday, October 18, 2010

Scrapfest Review

I have returned from Scrapfest with new knowledge and new toys:)  Unfortunately I am also returning with an empty wallet.  From what I understand this was the first time Scrapfest has been held in Oshawa, Ontario and I must say it was a good choice of venue.  There was lots of parking, it was easy to locate and there was plenty of room for all the activities, plus College men...need I say more ;)

I attended 2 classes with Vicki Boutin.  Friday night's class was called Easy, Detailed, Expert and we completed a layout at each of these levels (well not really completed but started and will finish at home).  Once I have completed them I will post them to my gallery at
I was definitely pulled out of my comfort zone this week-end and learned new techniques that most people use regularly like stamping and creating borders using punches, but also was introduced to new tools like the I-Rock...loved it so much I bought one!  (In my next blog I will tell you about the I-rock gem setting tool).

My second class was a Sassafrass workshop that taught us how to do double-page layouts, work with tissue paper (not my strong suit) and my favorite GLIMMER MISTS!  I absolutely loved this workshop and I am not even a big fan of Sassafrass.  I definitely feel as though I got my moneys worth from the classes alone.  Vicki Boutin, her mom and her assistant were very nice/personable people.  By the way in case you haven't heard Vicki is writing a book that will be released in 2012.

The marketplace...scrapbookers heaven!  Booths and booths of vendors selling at discounted prices (for the most part).  Almost every booth had a sale of some sort.  Then there were also the make and takes...some were really good.  I made three but missed out on a couple I was interested in trying as time tends to fly when you are having fun.  It was definitely a case of if you see it and you know its a good deal don't waste time thinking about it or it will be gone!

So I am now looking forward to the next Scrapfest which is in April in Kitchener.  I know without hesitation I WILL be there.  It was a great week-end, the people who organized it did a great job, everyone was friendly and there was lots of shopping selection.  A special thank you to Vicki and her mom and assistant...they were awesome!

Happy scrapping!

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